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APPLICATIONS, but not limited to:

  • High Voltage Power Supplies
  • Ignition Systems
  • Electrostatic Generators
  • Corona Generators

Pilgrim stepwinding is a special technique employed in the winding of high voltage coils. In order to obtain reliable coils, it is necessary to maintain acceptable levels of dielectric stress between adjacent turns and layers. With conventional layer wound coils (fig. 1), many layers must be wound and insulated from each other. This process is very time consuming as the winding machine must be stopped at the end of each layer while the insulation layer is added.

Because the turns in a transformer are inversely proportional to the core area (eq.1), often a conventional design will use an unnecessarily large core to reduce the turns per volt, in turn reducing the total turns. This reduces the labor involved in winding the coil, but increases the turn to turn and the layer to layer potential.

The pilgrim stepwind offers a unique solution to nearly every problem inherent to a layer wound high voltage coil. The pilgrim stepwind is a continuous winding with no added insulation. The production time for such a coil is significantly less than that of a conventional layer wound coil, as well as an end product that can be as much as 30% smaller than a conventional high voltage design.

An optimum angle (x), fig. 3, is calculated based on the W / d ratio. Each layer of the coil is then wound diagonally at angle (x) producing a winding that consists of a large number of layers with a relatively small number of turns per layer.

A typical winding will have a turn to turn potential of less than 0.50 volts and a layer to layer potential of less than 100 volts. These low potentials develop a winding that is very reliable and cost effective to manufacture.

Our proprietary design and production technique integrated with high accuracy CNC winding equipment ensure the precise placement of each turn of a winding. All windings are subject to a series of tests that establish the integrity of each assembly.

Standard cores are available in silicon steel, nickel and ferrites to mention a few; these various materials allow us the design flexibility needed to be able to match a transformer to your individual application. Custom cores are also available for those applications where standard cores are not suitable.

Insulation systems up to 220o C are available for those applications requiring high temperature performance. All of our insulation systems, 105o C through 220o C, are UL Recognized under our UL File E132490.

For applications where more than a bare transformer is required, we can design the Pilgrim Stepwound Transformer with a variety of packages and terminations including, but not limited to:

  • Mounted on header
  • Studs, posts, etc.
  • Oil filled
  • Ceramic insulators
  • Silicone vacuum cast
  • Crimp terminals
  • Epoxy vacuum cast
  • Flexible leads
  • Potted

With on site partial discharge measuring equipment, we are able to acquire accurate data on corona and its inception level. Our engineers use this and other data to design a product with the highest levels of quality and reliability to guarantee your satisfaction.

Whether you need one or one thousand pieces, our sales staff welcomes all inquiries for new designs, and those that seek to improve existing designs. We look forward to working with your requirements to provide working samples for engineering evaluation.

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