Electron Coil, Inc.


Chenelec Company was founded in 1970 as a custom design and manufacturing facility of high voltage capacitors. In 1980 the wound magnetics operation was begun and both entities evolved together into the current business as Electron Coil Inc. The company is known for having established a market niche in custom work in the commercial, medical, utility, military and aerospace industries.

The company remains focused on the continued design of new product and the development of expanded markets. The timely response to increased demand, while still maintaining established product lines, has enabled the business to grow and prosper.

Electron Coil Inc’s mission is to assure the provision of a quality product at a competitive price. Our uniquely flexible staff offers an unsurpassed commitment to service, which translates into satisfied customers … the ultimate mission. We are proud of the company we’ve built and our accomplishments. We will strive to meet our mission and continually look for new ways to make improvements.

So choose Electron Coil Inc to design and produce a quality product at a competitive price, backed by a dedicated staff.

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