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Power Inductors, Chokes and Reactors

We will design and manufacture to customer specific DC, single or three phase applications.

Core selection is based on the individual design and is available in a variety of geometries including but not limited to toroidal, laminated, C-core and E-core. Some of the available core materials are silicon steel, nickel, powdered iron, molypermalloy, ferrite and air.

Our insulation systems are UL Recognized through 220 C. Vacuum and pressure impregnation (VPI) provides protection from severe environmental conditions and keeps noise levels to a minimum.

Dielectric systems to meet Hipot and/or impulse requirements are designed to satisfy each specific application .

Line Reactors, when placed in the input and/or output lines of electrical equipment can provide protection by reducing harmonics, in-rush current and transient spikes. Economic benefits can be gained by improving the effective power factor of a system.

Filter Inductors are designed to neutralize or reduce unwanted harmonics generated by inverters, motor drives, etc., which are potentially harmful to electrical equipment.

Chokes and Inductors provide clean power to electrical equipment, both AC and DC by reducing inrush current, EMF and smoothing ripple current. Often they are designed for harmonic filtering networks that re tuned for specific frequencies.

Air Core Inductors are designed to provide linear inductance over a broad range of current. They are used to limit short circuit currents, reduce current harmonics and provide protection from supply transients and surges for both AC and DC circuits.

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